Liana is a photographer based out of Portland, Oregon specializing in portrait, dance, event, and landscape photography.  Also cats.

My Story

I grew up in Corvallis, Oregon surrounded by photographs.  My mom documented our family and our travels beautifully in shelves full of photo albums, and I know that's what inspired me.  I took my first photography course as a freshman in high school.  Ironically, I hated the class.  I found the instructor dry and uninteresting, and I can honestly say I don't remember a single thing I learned in class.  But I did love taking photographs!  I started borrowing my mom's camera all the time and began to fill my own photo albums.  It wasn't long before I had my own camera and took it on many adventures.

Fastforward to freshman year in college and I finally try out another photography class.  This time, my instructor was amazing!  I felt inspired, encouraged, and still remember all the lessons, projects, and hours spent in the dark room.

I began to really appreciate the power of photography in my life when I had my first visit to the Folklife Festival in Seattle.  The massive crowds made me so anxious I really want to leave.  But rather than abandoning my friends, I pulled out my camera and started photographing the performers at the festival.  My anxiety completely disappeared.  I found safety behind the lens of my camera and I loved the raw, unfiltered emotions that the candid photos captured.  Even now, after becoming a portrait photographer, some of my favorite shots are the ones caught in between the set poses.  Thats when the real smiles, laughter, connections, and life actually happen.  

I currently live in Oregon City, Oregon with my husband, Grey, and our four cats.  I spend my "free time" (time not spent behind the camera) at Sherwood Dance Academy, which Grey and I purchased in 2014.